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Happened today while I was browsing internet for fun, actually in Airliners.net looking for some pictures of my favor airplane, Boeing 737, I couldn’t help but looking also some beautiful painted aircrafts.

Then I actually wondered what the heck is wrong with people who is just looking for planes. My neck is almost on fire just looking up to the skies if there’s a single sound of jet engine or a sound of propeller. I guess it’s just what we all want, looking at planes, hoping someday it’s my turn to be there, in the cockpit. Maybe not ;)

But the paintings, absolutely great looking photos are all over to watch. My favorites, few of them are, not in any order, Quanta’s liveries and Lufthansa’s 747 where is a football in the nose. Also great looking plane is Finnair’s Santa Claus livery. Nice ones.

kyodowc031557-Santa-arrives-in-Nago_nc dpaphotos050946-Lufthansa-in-Frankf_nc

Bill Gates the Salesman

Windows Vista Advertising (PC World) by macintoshmad.

I found this marketing space by Microsoft which features Bill Gates as the salesman? Also,look at the tag line — How do you want to crash today?

Apparently this was photoshopped.

You can look here and roll the mouse over to see messages pop out.

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Motorola ROKR EM30 Hands On

Motorola ROKR EM30

This is why I wait for second generation releases. The Motorola ROKR E8 was Moto’s first music phone to use the proprietary ModeShift technology. Roughly six months later, Motorola releases the new ROKR EM30, a cheaper second generation ROKR that spells 2008’s high end music phone market for Motorola.

ROKR EM30 ModeShift

But high end is actually a misnomer as the EM30, though improving on a number of features the previous ROKR didn’t execute so well at, is actually much cheaper, going into the $200.00 mark. No final price has yet been released but it supposedly is now targeting the mid-market range, having high end features.

Perhaps the biggest improvement to the EM30 is the new front panel for data input. The previous ROKR had some issues with its “too futuristic” design having one huge panel for you to input text. At the end of they day, it became such a chore to even select the next icon on the menu because the touch sensitive pad was either too sensitive or not sensitive at all. It was a pain to navigate. The EM30 fixes this problem by implementing solid buttons to press down on, charaterized by pieces of plastic jutting out of the real estate to ensure your thumb that it’s pressing the right buttons. The joystick was also improved, sans the half wheel navigation feature that was more of a pain than pleasure to use.

The ModeShift technology has also been improved a bit. Now, the icons change color as well when you shift to other modes. For instance, the keypad glows blue when in phone mode and red when in music player mode.

Not much has been sacrificed with the ROKR - instead of the huge internal memory of the previous device, the new EM30 has only 30MB of internal storage but its expansion slot can accommodate up to 8GB of data.

Other features include:

FM Radio with RDS

2.0MP camera w/ Digital Zoom

3.5mm stereo input

Microsoft Music EcoSystem Support

GPRS during calls

Text2Speech Recognition

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James Bond Quantum of Solace Mobile Phone by Sony Ericsson

C902 Sony Ericsson

So here it is spy lovers! Sony Ericsson has partnered with MGM and the James Bond franchise to release the spy’s latest phone for his upcoming movie, Quantum of Solace. The phone in scrutiny is a Sony Ericsson C902 in limited edition as it shows off a Titanium body. Nope, no secret microfilms inside this unit but the microSD card comes with loads of multimedia James Bond content. The press release says that the phone will be used by Daniel Craig to do a lot of cool spy stuff like…. err take photos and send them to his Facebook profile.

Here are some specs:

- 240×320 pixel

- 262,144 color TFT QVGA

- Phone memory 160MB with expansion support

- Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) support (up to 8 GB)

- Face Detection technology

- Best Picture multishot technology

- Photo flash technology (low light flash)

- HSDPA connectivity

But seriously, I just hope that these “spy” products aren’t overdelivering. Case in point: Remember in one of the Charlie’s Angels remake a few years back, Sony Ericsson sponsored the girls and had them take a high quality photo of evidence from over 500 meters atop a building. Ack! Here’s hoping Daniel Craig won’t go overboard with this product. I mean, it isn’t even a high end mobile phone for that matter!

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Motorola ROKR EM30 Hands On

Motorola W388

With the great success of Motorola’s first low end music phones in the W230 and W270, Motorola has unveiled a slightly upgraded version for 2008 Q3 release, the Motorola W388. This phone will be priced higher than the W230 and will cost roughly PHP 3,200.00 or roughly USD $80.00. Note that this is an estimated price based on the press conference and not the real SRP. The main difference between the W388 and the W230 is the inclusion of a VGA camera and a bigger memory bump.

We must note that the VGA camera does not come with video capabilities. Phone memory has been increased to 7.5MB for 750 SMS and 1,000 contacts to be saved on memory. There isn’t really a huge upgrade to the previous phone and quite frankly, Moto may have a make or break for this particular model. It really depends on how much more people are willing to pay for a camera and bumped up memory when the previous model already served them well.

Other features:

FM Radio

2.5mm audio jack

MP3, MIDI, imelody, AMR compatibility

VGA camera (no video)

CrystalTalk Technology

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MOTO A810 hands on: Spiritual successor to the 2006 Ming A1200

Motorola Ming A810

More than two years have passed since Motorola unveiled the Ming A1200. This smartphone came as a huge surprise to the industry because it was Motorola’s out of the box attempt to create a remarkable product - and when we say remarkable, we mean Seth Godin remarkable. They took in a fantastic aesthetic design and merged it with Linux on a mobile phone - something pretty new in 2006. This year, Motorola unveils the spiritual successor to the Motorola Ming A1200; say hello to the MOTO A810.

The new A810 keeps the familiar layout of the previous Ming, but it doesn’t use Linux as its OS. Instead, the developers have created a proprietary Linux-like operating system that upon first glance, isn’t really different from the previous version.

In terms of form factor, the A810 is very different. Although both keep the slate style layout, the A810 doesn’t come with a flip cover. Note that the previous version’s flip cover also housed the antenna which you could see from the transparent casing - an aesthetic beauty! In this case, the MOTO A810 houses an internal antenna. The buttons of the A810 are very minimal with two call buttons and a main menu button at the bottom center of the unit. The side of the unit contains a sort of jog dial / device lock mechanism. In terms of specs, the MOTO A810 comes with the following:

Read More

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Dear Product Managers: Stop comparing your product with the iPhone!

I attended a press conference a few days ago for a high end smartphone brand. Among us were some tech bloggers, IT journalists and a number of lifestyle editors from the glossies. The product manager enjoyed talking about his new baby - one of the top of the line smartphones that recently hit the market. What was rather peculiar was how he made mention of the Apple iPhone and it sounded more like he was trying to justify why his product X had features Y and Z which the iPhone didn’t have.

Raised eyebrows from a number of tech journalists.

After the conference, I approached him and asked him why the comparison has to be made to the iPhone all the time. I interjected that mentioning a competitor’s product during your own press conference made it sound more like a fit of desperation on your end. The truth is, the iPhone and his product are two different things. He answered me quickly and said that apparently, consumers don’t think that way. Because of the commercial hype it generated, the iPhone is being compared to everything in the market.

iPhone 3G -- whee?

I told him that well, we’re IT journalists and technology bloggers — and you don’t need to justify with us how different these two products are. We know. We did our research. We’re well informed.

It is good that product managers are very aware of the competition. But marketing is marketing - they should only mention the “other phone that begins with an i” if a journalist asks a question pertaining to that during a press conference. Otherwise, I don’t see a need to passively promote your competitor’s products.

Do you agree with me? Or do you think that product managers should really just address this question during a product presentation? C’mon guys, be honest!

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Minggu, 03 Agustus 2008

Junkers 88, smashed in 1942 year was found in Vologda forests

Vologda exploring group found smashed aircraft Junkers 88 of times of Second world war in a forest at a distance of 70 km from Vologda.

By testimonies of inhabitants this air-plane was smashed during air fight by Soviet fighter in May of 1942 year and burning fell to the forest.
Remains of two pilots of the aircraft were found at the place of fall. Explorers intend to clear up information about missing pilots and find out what was the mission of Junkers in Soviet rear.

Two pilots, or one by the other material, could bale out and their further story is unknown“, - said Alexandr Metelkin, second in command of Vologda exploring group.
Explorers say that some parts of fallen aircraft remained as good as they just made in a factory. “If we find a nameplate with a number of Junkers, it would be very easy to know names of pilots. We found name cigar-case with the letters LZ - it is the key to solution.” - said Metelkin.

The aircraft had very strange load on board: there were made excavations and inhabitants found printed icons, Christian crosses, and many women?s kerchiefs. Moreover there were found sleeping-bags, air beds, rubber dinghies and food containers with tinned stew and chocolate.
There is a version that this plane should drop some assistance to saboteurs. There were more than 100 castings of saboteurs in Vologda region. Nevertheless windfall of aircraft in this region is a great rarity because there were no fights during the war.

(Photos: Armchair Aviator)

Just can’t wait: lady buys 16GB iPhone 3G in Philippines for USD $1,544.00

iPhone 3G in Hong Kong

Local Macintosh forum PhilMUG has reported that a lady from the Philippines had seen iPhone 3G units being sold at the department store. Of course, these aren’t legit iPhone 3G’s as the rumor is that the units are still going to arrive on local shores in September earliest. These phones were bought from Hong Kong and shipped here (as an aside, Hong Kong airport was recently voted world’s best!)

Saw an iPhone 3G for sale already in Megamall. They had both 8gb and 16gb. They are selling their white 16GB at around 69,500 ($1,544) and their 8GB at 61,500 ($1,366). According to them, the phones came from Hong Kong and the reason it was priced so high is because they bought the plan in Hong Kong. After inspecting the unit for minutes, one lady went to the store bought the white 16gb iPhone. [PhilMUG]

Above is a photo of the July 11 iPhone 3G launch in Hong Kong - where it apparently costs $1,544.00 because the lady bought the ENTIRE LOCKED PLAN and phone. Que stupido!

So there you have it. Some people (with all the money) just can’t wait.

Photo courtesy of Newscom.

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Fujitsu F906i comes with AuthenTec / TrueNav: iPhone competitor


Fujitsu recently unveiled the F906i, with built in AuthenTec and TrueNav features which allow for seamless finger scrolling and touchpad functions. This basically emulates the iPhone in many respects.

“Fujitsu continues to build on its market leadership with the addition of the F906i to its world phone lineup, and we’re pleased to support the Fujitsu and NTT DOCOMO teams on the launch of this innovative smart phone,” said Kengo Kobayashi, president of AuthenTec KK - Japan. “AuthenTec helps further enhance the F906i by enabling full touchpad emulation via our AES1710 sensor, thus providing highly intuitive and accurate on-screen menu navigation. Our integrated TrueNav feature gives users a full range of device navigation by moving their finger across the surface of the sensor to control a full-featured browser, manipulate documents, stored files, contact lists and to control a variety of phone functions….

AuthenTec’s AES1710 fingerprint sensor is based on the Company’s patented TruePrint technology, which reads below the surface of the skin to the live layer where a person’s true fingerprint resides. This unique subsurface approach enables AuthenTec sensors to read virtually every fingerprint, every time — a critical requirement in any fingerprint-enabled device. Other device features include TrueNav menu navigation, TrueFinger anti-spoofing security, and TrueMatch pattern matching to ensure the industry’s highest level of security, usability and convenience. [RELEASE]”


The F906i comes with 3G, GPS maps, mobile TV with support for DOCOMO’s 100 channel broadcasts, mobile credit card payment system and full widescreen VGA LCD. The phone has two cameras - a 3.2MP and a secondary camera for 3G calls.

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Sidekick Gecko is Sidekick 2008 available in July 30 2008

Sidekick 2008 via Gizmodo

You know, come to think of it, we’ve never really seen mobile phones named after the year they were released. Traditional naming conventions are either too cryptic to be determined, are named via the “generation” of release (1st gen MacBook, 2nd gen MacBook) but never really by their year of make.

Well, the rumored Sidekick Gecko is now here, allegedly, and it is now being called the Sidekick 2008. Like yeah, a huge punch in the face - it’s 2008 and the Sidekick is baaaack!

Photos courtesy of Gizmodo. This photo is an alleged Sidekick 2008 taken from Craigslist.

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Alcatel OT V770: Slim and Affordable


For roughly a little bit more than a hundred dollars, Alcatel, a minor player in the mobile phone industry has introduced the OT V770. The slim phone with an attractive futuristic keypad design comes with a 1.3MP camera, Bluetooth, microSD expansion and music playback.

Ah, the influx of affordable phones. This brings into question whether consumers will buy phones because they are cheap regardless of who made them, or because a reputable phone brand manufactured a cheap phone (”oh finally, Motorola came up with a cheap version of so and so … it SHOULD be good).

Are you a brand loyalist when it comes to mobile phones? Does “selling it cheap” make a phone more tempting regardless of who made them? Or do you pay top dollar regardless of the brand and features?

Image and source c/o TechnograPh.

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iCall for iPhone

Here’s something for your iPhone - the iCall (soon). This is a VoIP over WiFi solution that allows you to receive and make calls for free. You can also access same address book in your iPhone, allows you to customize voicemails, and transfer regular inbound calls to WiFi instantly.

Here’s a video overview about iCall for the iPhone:

iCall VoIP on the Apple iPhone from Arlo & Andy on Vimeo.


The Cisco 7960

cisco-7960.jpgHere’s another VoIP Phone that you might want to try, it’s the Cisco 7960. According to Fonality.com, Cisco 7960 has been featured in many movies and television shows (I do not know which specific shows). It supports 6 lines, with large LCD graphical display, 2 programmable keys, 4 dynamic soft keys, and 24 polyphonic ringers.

The price is quite expensive, around $375 but the brand itself tells you that it is of good quality. Well, share your comments if you tried this phone already.


Qstik EVOQ

Here’s a new VoIP gadget that fits your lifestyle, a sleek and professional looking Bluetooth® enabled headset called Qstik EVOQ. This device is compatible any mobile phone, digital devices and for your computer.



  • Advanced Bluetooth headset for mobile telecom and music streaming applications

  • Full duplex telecom audio over a Bluetooth link using Headset Profile

  • High quality stereo music streaming over the Bluetooth link using a A2DP Profile

  • DSP-based voice quality enhancements including noise reduction and audibility improvement

  • Remote control functionality over the Bluetooth link

  • Automatic switching between music streaming and telecom mode, and vice versa

  • Single push-button interface for answer/end calls

  • Long life battery for music/talk time and stand-by

If you want to have one, click here to purchase.


NOKIA Mobile Phone : Alicia Keys Superwoman video cameos Nokia N71

Alicia Keys Superwoman

Alicia Keys is definitely a Superwoman. And in her latest video, we have a Nokia N71 sighting (check out 1:23). What branding face time! The phone is featured on Alicia’s corporate desk and you can see angled photos of the pretty device - what product placement!

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Weekend Only: Bioshock at $15 from Steam PC Online Store


Yes, yes, yes. Bioshock, one of 2007’s most critically acclaimed games and spiritual successor to System Shock has just gotten a huge 50% price cut and is down to $15.00. The game is available in select regions only including USA, Australia, and the United Kingdom and is only limited to the PC version of course.

The sale is only for this weekend!


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Photrade – Make Money from Your Photos


Have you heard of Photrade? I uncovered the Photrade website awhile back through another website I’d visited and an email newsletter I received about the upcoming blogINDIANA conference coming up in Indianapolis. I then realized they were also advertising on this blog here so decided to check them out.

I was quickly impressed with what you could do with sharing your photos and even making money from them as well.

Photrade is where photographers reclaim ownership of their photos. Photraders decide how, when, where and at what cost their photos are used online. We provide unprecedented protection for photos and offer a free photo marketplace where photographers can sell stock, prints and merchandise or use our Adcosystem (TM) where photographers get paid for every view of their photo, anywhere on the internet. Through Photrade, publications and blogs can access a fast-growing library of legally licensed, ad-supported photos. Reclaim your photos, start photrading.

Now they’ve expanded their offerings some more an can now provide an even broader range of border options available for your photos.

The Photrade site is currently in beta and you need an invite code to sign-up and join, but don’t worry, we’ve taken care of that for you as well. Just enter B5UTI as your invite code to let them know you heard about it here and check them out.

When you sign-up for an account look me up, I’m “bnpositive” on the site. I’d love to hear what you think.

Uncover your own photos and some money at


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Share on Ovi App for the “New” Facebook

Share on Ovi

With the new Facebook layout (are you liking it?) several apps developers have come up with Facebook 2.0 apps that don’t seem to be backward compatible with the “old” layout. One of these is the Share on Ovi application that embeds your public media timeline to Facebook. So what this means is that your friends can see new media you uploaded via Ovi (and ultimately your Nokia mobile phone).

Cool beans.

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The Tubes Revisited – Stephens

Hat tip to Aaron Brazell for reminding me of this great example of clueless people making important decisions in Congress.

It looks like Senator Stevens cluelessness has caught up with him though as he’s being indicted on 7 counts. Sadly, there are probably a number of other Congressmen that should be caught up in that indictment as well.

Uncovered by Aaron Brazell

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Samsung innov8 i8510 has 8MP and many more!

Samsung innov8

The Samsung innov8 is Samsung’s latest multimedia phone that boasts an 8MP camera and pretty much all the other bells and whistles you can find in today’s multimedia phone. What sets it apart is .. well … a Samsung real estate finish so you really have to expect nothing less than elegance.

The Samsung innov8 is basically a trump card to Nokia’s N82 as it has all the features (except Xenon flash) and a huge memory boost. And yeah, this is probably built on Nokia’s S60 platform as well.

Some specs:

Huge screen

8MP camera

Music playback

3.5mm audio jack

FM radio



16GB internal memory + expansion capabilities

But wait, there’s more! Press Release says:

Samsung innov8 is also ideal for enthusiastic gamers. It comes pre-embedded with two of the world’s most famous games, Asphalt and FIFA 08. The handset has been chosen as the official phone for the World Cyber Games 2008, which begins on 25th July.

Interesting on many levels. Asphalt and FIFA 2008 are N-Gage titles and we know so well that Samsung licenses the S60 platform from Nokia. As to the extent of the “Samsung OS hack” we need to see a live unit to figure this out. All I’m saying is that if the N-Gage platform can extend to all S60 powered phones regardless of brand, then that would be really cool. It would also imply that the other features such as Share on Ovi can, in the future, be integrated with these third party manufacturers that have S60 built in as the operating system.

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Wilco E-Jets first impressions

I have been testing new Wilco product Embraer 170 and 190 for FlightSimulator 2004 and I must say it is a wonderful product. Many many addons that I have have failed in my eyes very much, but finally I can say that I have found a plane I like.

It is a product that is easy to fly, and specially, easy to land.


I also tried it without reading manual first and I have to say it is not very easy to set it up. But after reading manual few times, it turns out to be very exciting to set up from the start to finish. And the manual itself… It is absolutely amazing to read. There are some jokes inside to make it easier to understand.

I’ll put up something more when I really really learn it.

Boeing says: British Airways buys 777-300ERs

BOEING-777 nc

Boeing company announs that British Airways is ordering six jetliners, two from Boeing and four others as leased from the third party.

This “long-term relationship” brings the option to BA for four more 777s delivery.

The future of London City Airport

In August 2007 London City Airport submitted a planning application to London Borough of Newham seeking an increase in flight movements to 120,000. This increase will create an additional 1,000 jobs at the airport site. London City Airport is already the largest private sector employment site in Newham with over 2,000 people, mostly from the local area, in full-time employment as a result of the airport. Further, following the Government’s Aviation White Paper which requires airports to make maximum use of existing runways, London City Airport’s Master Plan sets out its growth and development plans to 2030.

The proposed increase in movements will not change any of the opening hours of the airport, and there are no plans to introduce night flights.lca gen3 13

Currently some 2,000 local jobs are supported by the airport’s activity and this would increase by around 1,000 should the application be approved. The airport has a commitment to recruiting local talent, with over seventy per cent of all employees in 2006 living within a five-mile radius.

London City Airport’s commitment to the community and its sustainability agenda through programmes and events ensures that local people see the benefit of living near the airport. The growth of the airport has encouraged businesses, investors and developers to locate in east London, bringing new services and facilities to the area. A vital part of the airport’s success has been the support it receives from its neighbours. It is with this continued support that London City Airport is now in a position to develop further.

Kaliningrad international airport resumes operation after an emergency on Wednesday night

KALININGRAD, July 31 (Itar-Tass) - The international airport in Kaliningrad resumed operation at two o’clock on Thursday morning after an emergency on Wednesday night. Twelve flights, including international ones, were delayed after a suspicious plastic bag had been found at the entrance to the airport building.

Elena Penkovskaya, the press secretary of the “KD AVIA” aviation company, told Itar-Tass that passengers and public servants had been evacuated to safety.

afplivetwo124396-RUSSIA-KALININGRAD ncA special remote-controlled robot shot the suspicious bag. It turned out that the bag contained stones from Kaliningrad’s Baltic Sea coast, Pavel Yurchenko, the press service head of the western interior department for transport, told Itar-Tass.

2 VoIP Books by Ted Wallingford

I was searching for VoIP books that I need for my research about IP telephony. Then I came across a website named http://macvoip.com and there the author, Ted Wallingford, showcased his 2 VoIP published at O’Reilly. And then I read a few sections of the books over O’Reilly. Here are their brief book description:


VoIP Hacks Tips & Tools for Internet Telephony

Interested in saving money, increasing productivity, or just impressing your friends? If so, then VoIP Hacks can show you how. This practical guide offers dozens of clever tips, tricks, and techniques for working with VoIP, the cool technology that makes phone service via the Internet possible. Hack your way to the phone service of the future-today!

Switching to VoIP

Based on real-world experience, this handy solutions manual addresses the most common VoIP migration challenges. Find out how to build your own VoIP system, install it, and begin making calls–so you can start saving today. Ideal for IT managers, network engineers, and system administrators.

You can also read some customers review over their website, also online ordering is available.

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JFK had a first touch of A380.

An Emirates A380 superjumbo touched down at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport on Friday, marking the first commercial arrival of the giant, double-decker passenger plane on US soil.

The Emirates aircraft, carrying 489 passengers, landed smoothly and on time after a 12-1/2 hour flight from Dubai.

The Gulf-based carrier, owned by the government of Dubai, is the second airline to put the A380 into service, following Singapore Airlines, which started A380 flights to Sydney in October.

The plane, costing USD$327 million at list prices, visited New York and Los Angeles in March last year for route-testing purposes, but Friday’s flight was the first regularly scheduled arrival of an A380 in the United States.

With its huge capacity and relatively fuel-efficient engines, airlines hope the world’s biggest passenger jet will be the most cost-effective way of serving high-volume routes linking big cities, especially in light of high oil prices.

Airbus has orders for about 200 of the planes from 16 airlines, but none to US carriers. The company is still trying to iron out production problems on the plane, after an 18 month delay in getting the first one out of its Toulouse, France, plant.

Despite problems, the plane is outselling its nearest competitor, Boeing’s revamped, expanded 747-8 jumbo, known as the Intercontinental.

Boeing, which developed the concept of mass travel over great distances with its original 747 in the 1970s, has sold only 27 passenger 747-8s so far. The plane, which can seat 467 people in a standard layout, is set to be flown first by Lufthansa in 2010.

Emirates, the world’s number-seven airline in terms of international passengers, is the biggest buyer of A380s, with 58 on order, worth almost USD$190 billion at list prices. After New York, it plans to fly the planes to London from December, then Sydney and Auckland from February.

Some 20 airports worldwide are currently able to handle the giant A380, which needs extra-wide taxi-ways for its long wingspan and two-tiered facilities for loading and unloading passengers.

Emirates took possession of the plane in a glitzy ceremony in Hamburg on Monday, flying it to Dubai then over to New York. The plane has 14 first-class suites, two on-board showers and a bar for first-class customers, as well as a lounge for premium passengers.

Emirates, along with regional rivals Qatar Airways, Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways and Bahrain’s Gulf Air, are expanding their fleets and routes as European and US carriers find themselves pinched by high fuel prices and waning demand.

Oil-rich United Arab Emirates hopes the new planes will help it transform into a world business and leisure capital in the next few years, aiming to attract 15 million visitors a year by 2012.


Netgear Dual-Mode Phone

A bit old gadget in the market but still worthy to post and share this with you. It’s the Netgear Dual Mode Cordless Phone with Skype (SPH200D) which is basically a combination of a cordless phone and Skype, in one device. So, what can you get from this device? Well, like you can…


  • Connect the base station to your phone line and router

  • Use the cordless phone to make phone calls or Skype calls

  • Crystal clear voice quality and longer range with DECT cordless technology

  • Talk for free to Skype users anywhere, without a PC*

  • Call any phone worldwide for pennies a minute using SkypeOut

To use, simply connect this device to your router and start making Skype calls. From my latest browsing, the gadget costs around $179.99 over Netgear Online Store and around $129.99 at Amazon.com.

For more details, click here.


VTraveller Skype Phone

Yet another VoIP gadget that you might want to check out: The VTraveller Skype Phone.

The VTraveller Skype Phone is a handy and stylish USB VoIP phone for your Skype. This gadget costs around £14.95 over Firebox.com.



  • Superior sound quality: Natural-sounding call

  • MP3 quality sound: Wideband circuitry for improved, clearer sound

  • Connection Status: LED indicates when in a call

  • Message Waiting Indicator: LED indicates when messages have been received

  • One click Voicemail: Simply press the LED to collect the Voicemail message

  • Keypad dialling: Use and navigate Skype’s services direct from the handset

  • Personalise ringing tones: Download WAV / MP3 files for individual ring tones

  • PC sound card not required: Provides an extra sound channel


Sipgate Applications Free for iPhone

Recently, sipgate Inc. made an announcement about the release of free applications for iPhone.

iphone.jpgWith the sipgate service, users can dial any number without using minutes from a wireless plan. This is particularly useful when calling to or from other countries, as call costs can be as high as $3 per minute. However, when using a VoIP service, costs can be kept as low as $0.01 per minute. sipgate is giving new users 111 free minutes for domestic calls for users to test out VoIP usage on the device*.

Another benefit of sipgate is that consumers can use any domestic or international number provided by their VoIP service on their iPhone. This means that they can make and receive calls from different domestic and international numbers, all on a single device.

Thilo Salmon, CEO of sipgate commented: “We love VoIP and we love the iPhone so we are giving people like us who always wanted VoIP on the iPhone the ability to use any SIP-based VoIP service they want. We are thrilled that Apple is opening up the iPhone and we look forward to taking part in future application development.”

[ via sipgate press ]

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A4Tech Internet Phone Keyboard

I was visiting some computer shops last week and was surprise to see an Internet Phone Keyboard model # KIP(S)-800 by A4Tech. It has a handphone attached to the keyboard. Amazing!



  • USB IP phone that is built on the keyboard

  • Now you can call anywhere for FREE! Simply install Skype™ software, plug in the Internet phone keyboard and dial/connect to any other Skype™ user in the world.

  • Compatible with telephony services such as MSN™, AOL™, Yahoo™, and Skype™

  • It’s just like a regular house phone. Pick it up and start chatting.

  • Enhanced to prevent Repetitive strain injury caused from typing

  • USB Digital Audio In / out ports

  • Integrated echo cancellation and noise reduction technology delivers life like conversation quality

  • Familiar built-in ringer when there is incoming calls

  • Support Multimedia Type Design, 17 Multi-functional Hot Keys can support Sleep, Volume Regulate , E-mail and Internet

  • Powerful one-touch controls for instant access to your favorite music files and Internet destination

  • Earphone/Telephone Switch button

  • Reduces the common typing noise, enhances stability, and finest quality

[via A4Tech ]


Tux Droid VOIP

tux_droid.jpgA complete companion for your Linux PC that turns your unit into an automated alert system, remote control and even as VoIP Phone. Tux Droid VOIP is a gadget that is wirelessly connected to your Linux PC and Tux (the penguin) will do the job after customizing it.

Product Features

  • Tux Droid Robot wirelessly connects to your Linux based PC and alerts you of events with sound and motion

  • Tux Droid can take inputs via sound and touch

  • Open source software allows for easy programming of Tux widgets in Python

  • Built in rechargable battery

  • Included wireless 2.4 GHz link

For a video demo, click here.


snom KlarVOICE Wideband VoIP Handset


This is the snom KlarVOICE Wideband VoIP Handset that its audio quality is compared to the FM radio. It uses G.722 codec that makes the audio clear and crisp. It can be connected to any snom phone in the 3xx family.


Palm Centro Supposedly Hits 2 Million: Recovery in Sight?

palm-centro.jpgWe all remember that scathing letter addressed to Palm last year, when Engadget emeritus Peter Rojas et al. bashed the manufacturer for letting things get stale and offering practically the same thing year-after-year. The ultimate point of the lengthy criticism is easy to swallow, because real gadget geeks have all shed a tear for Palm’s slow yet painful slide into irrelevance.

So it’s somewhat good news that the Palm Centro has reportedly passed the two million mark. That’s less than a year after the smartphone came out last October, and is comparatively good compared to the diminishing sales of the Treo line. But, is this a real sign of recovery?

On one hand, sales are apparently picking up. Yet on the other, you’ve got a smartphone market growing leads and bounds, while Palm posts only modest gains. This means all those new transactions are coming from somewhere else: Palm’s competitors. What do you think?

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VoIP Now 25 Killer VoIP Gadgets

VoIP Now recently compiled 25 Killer VoIP Gadgets for those VoIP enthusiasts. VoIP has been a big market in the IP telephony industry and keeping up with the latest gadgets and tools for VoIP users is a must to retain in business. This compilation comprises of VoIP phones, headsets, webcam, wireless devices, and more.

Lucky enough that one of my previous post here is included in the list. #15 Linksys Network Optimizer for Gaming and VoIP. I have also posted some gadgets that are as well included in the list in this blog like the EasyVoIP Recorder and magicJack.