Jumat, 22 Agustus 2008

Sheraton to Install Microsoft Surface in Five US Hotels

microsoft-surface-sheraton.jpgLast week, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts ordered 13 Microsoft Surface PCs, for installation in five branches located in Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle.

The units, which feature 30-inch touch-sensitive displays will be placed in common areas. Sheraton hopes that the guests will find the table computing platforms very useful. But don’t take our word for it! Continue to see an official video of the unit in action! < --more-->

What an ideal situation, don’t you think? Let’s see where it can go wrong:

  • “Beat it kid! I’m trying to look through this map!”

  • “Stop touching that! It’s my turn to choose songs!”

  • “Mommy, why is that woman smiling at me?”

Also, imagine how hard it would be to keep table clean. To be fair though, the demo looks impressive; let’s hope Microsoft does have their multi-touch act together.

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Unboxing of the Samsung Omnia

Who would’ve thought the Samsung Omnia’s box comes with all the bells and whistles?

Thanks to reader Rey for the tip.

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The iPod Nano Failures Prove that Apple is Human After All

ipodflamo.jpgThanks to a “can do no wrong” image cultivated by its effective marketing machine, people make the mistake of assuming that Apple’s the best out there—bar none (may we invite you to revisit the myth of the Apple iPhone’s overwhelming superiority?). So you can imagine the amount of press coverage the flaming iPod nano (which has something to do with its battery) has received:

Wha? The Apple iPod nano actually failing is news? When did we anoint Apple and Steve Jobs as god-incarnate, incapable of any gadget-related error whatsoever? Apple may have a lot of undeserved attention from the online and offline media, but this also means its really under the magnifying glass; the smallest slip-up generates news stories from here to Timbuktu.

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C’mon Apple, Where are Your 12″ MacBook Pros?


No no, this isn’t about the MacBook Air. Ultra-portability but no dedicated graphics? What’s that? A betrayal of the PowerBook pedigree? Remember, the 12″ PowerBook had a relatively high-end video card, courtesy of ATI. Read More

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Rabu, 20 Agustus 2008

Computex ‘06: Korean Curitel PT-K2100

curitel_PT-K2100_1.jpg I’ve always been a visual learner, which means that I’d rather have someone give me street landmarks than directions. In the same way, we could all learn a little bit from the simplest design considerations such as the Curitel PT-K2100.

This phone adds visual markers on the direction pad to help users figure out which shortcut does what. I’m only guessing but the K could mean the camera while the bottom button is for the Internet.

Senin, 18 Agustus 2008

NOKIA Mobile Phone : Available in red and blue, the 5320 is Nokia 8217

XpressMusic 5320 Nokia

Available in red and blue, the 5320 is Nokia’s mid-year showcase release for their XpressMusic line. The 5320 comes with a dedicated audio hardware chip and a 3.5mm headphone jack. This is characteristic of all phones that carry the XpressMusic label.

Other features include microSD expansion up to 8GB, a stylish front real estate akin to the XpressMusic cool factor, S60 user interface (which means it has built in N-Gage games and S60 compatible apps), HSDPA connectivity, 2MP camera with flash, a secondary camera, and Bluetooth.

There is also a lower end Nokia 5220 with a more conservative design, accented by the sharksfin tip on the left side of the phone. The primary difference in performance is that the Nokia 5220 XpressMusic phone runs on S40 which means it isn’t as powerful in terms of application deployment. It doesn’t have HSDPA, and uses EGPRS for data.

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LG KU 380 entry level slider

LG KU380

The LG KU 380 is a follow up to LG’s “3G for All” line. It isn’t exactly new, but it’s what telcos could oftentimes bundle as really affordable mobile phones with their entry level line. The phone comes with a 1.3MP camera and 3G connectivity, 60MB of shared memory, microSD expansion, T9 text input and Bluetooth. The device syncs via USB.

LG KU380 Mobile

LG KU 380 Photos

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Honeywell Dolphin 9900

Honeywell 9900

Running on Windows Mobile 6, the Dolphin 9900 from Honeywell is one of the more heavy duty B2B Windows Mobile devices available today. The 9900 comes with a bar code scanner. It is enhanced with excellent battery life and wireless full area LAN for direct and real time communications with your workforce.

The Dolphin 9900 comes with a wrist strap for all day comfort and a magnesium alloy environment resistant casing for resilience against the wear and tear of data gathering. This is perhaps one of those devices that come with a pretty good camera because image scanning forms a core part of this device’s function.

Oh, and it also comes with an orange stylus, so that it sticks out like a sore thumb when you accidentally drop it in your huge pile of inventory!


640×480 pixel camera and bar code scanner

256 MB RAM, 1 GB Flash

2500mAh Extended life battery with hot swappable design

Intel XScale PXA270 624 MHz

User accessible SD card slot



Wireless Full Area LAN for Real - Time data communications

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Really Useful Macs

Want to turn Apple’s computers into real works of art? Well, take a cue from what people have done with the classic Mac:


…and do it on a later model. Anyone willing to turn their $2800 Mac Pro into an aquarium?

(stenc-o-rama.com, Wikipedia)

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Top 6 Ways to Brainwash via Holosonics’ Technology

Oh wow, someone’s actually figured out how to integrate a flashlight with the iPhone!

Of course, it’s only cool because it’s shining through that damn Apple logo

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NOKIA Technology : Nokia N78 Review


To be clear, there are many other phones that feature a built-in FM transmitter, which routes any music played on the device to a nearby radio—a boon for those who spend hours in the car, no doubt.

But what makes the Nokia N78 stand out is how it packs a complete feature set. In other words, even if you take away the FM transmitter, the N78 is still a pretty versatile cell phone. Read More

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Worst Car Names Ever


Sure, writing about cars here is a bit off-topic for The Gadget Blog. But then cars are gadgets, and once you see how funny the following are, you’ll be really grateful! Read More

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