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Microsoft Office 2007 SP1 coming on June 16

Office 2007 SP1 available on June 16Microsoft has put on an announcement through one of its many channels that Office 2007 owners can expect Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 1 to show up in their Windows Automatic Updates sometime on or after June 16. The Office 2007 SP1 has been available since December of last year but Microsoft has been careful about forcing it into the general population of Office users.

As they had done with Office 2003, they are giving a 30 day warning/notice that the automatic update is coming. They also said that not everyone will see it at the same time since they will rolling it out a little at a time to be sure that their servers can handle the download requests.

Selasa, 30 September 2008

MoneyMakerInfo Has A New Look

I have completed the template change process for MoneyMakerInfo. Now when you visit MoneyMakerInfo.blogspot.com, it will looks completely different. All the previous information, articles and content about making money online have also successfully transferred to this blog.

Hope you will like this template and it is more user friendly to you when browsing on moneymakerinfo.blogspot.com to find the money making information you are looking for.

The template change process isn't easy as I thought. I thought I just have to download a new template, upload it to Bloggers and make some minor modifications to the template. But, there are a lot more steps I have to take when really doing it. There are a number banner ads that already pre-set on this new template. I have to search the banner code inside the template to delete them. Then, the template code is in XHTML format. It wouldn't work on all kinds of HTML code you add in. I need to keep searching on Google for help about how to add html code to the XHTML template.

A lot of trial and error I have to go through. Even making a little chance to the sidebar took me an hour.


Prosedur pendaftaran Google Adsense

Prosedur pendaftaran Google Adsense

Secara sederhana, alur prosedur yang mesti dilalui untuk memulai bisnis dengan Google Adsense adalah seperti tergambar dalam Diagram Alur dibawah ini, Yang pertama kali perlu anda lakukan adalah Anda Harus Membuat Blog / Website Inti(Awal). Saya sebut web/blog inti karena web/blog ini yang nantinya anda gunakan sebagai situs yang anda daftarkan ke Google Adsense. PERSYARATAN UTAMA yang harus anda patuhi adalah ‘Pastikan content (isi) web/blog menggunakan bahasa Inggris dan web/blog minimal berisi 4 tulisan yang kita buat’. Jangan Kuatir bagi anda yang Inggrisnya PAS-PASAN. Gunakan metode berikut,

  1. Pastikan tema isi web/blog yang akan anda buat terlebih dahulu.
    Misal tentang ‘Makanan tradisional Indonesia’, terjemahkan dalam bahasa Inggris menjadi ‘Indonesian Traditional Foods’.

  2. Nah.. ketik terjemahan tersebut di search engine yang ada disamping web ini, lalu tekan search-nya.
    Anda akan mendapatkan banyak tulisan berkaitan dengan hal tersebut.

  3. Setalah itu, sedikit comot sana-sini (jangan semua tulisan di copy-paste, boleh juga sih..
    Asal alamat web tempat anda ngambil tulisan disertakan) maka jadilah sebuah tulisan.

  4. Ulangi langkah 1-3 tadi sampai anda punya 4 tulisan yang ada masukkan dalam web/blog anda. Ikuti Langkah Berikut, bagi yang belum memiliki blog atau website.

Selanjutnya >>>

NOKIA Mobile Phone : Nokia pushes '4G wireless' plans


Nokia is pushing Long Term Evolution as the 3G successor

Nokia, the world's largest handset manufacturer, has signed up Sony Ericsson, NEC and Alacatel-Lucent to its plans for a 4G wireless system.

The companies have formed a licensing framework for their patents for the emerging mobile standard, called Long Term Evolution (LTE).

The deal will add momentum to LTE, which is seen as a direct competitor to Wimax, which is being pushed by Intel.

The first LTE networks are being rolled out in the US and China.

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Alarm sounded on second-hand kit

eBay sale page
The server allows privileged access to a network from afar

For less than a pound a security expert has got front-door access to a council's internal network.

Andrew Mason from security firm Random Storm bought some network hardware from auction site eBay for 99p.

When he switched it on and plugged it in, the device automatically connected to the internal network of Kirklees Council in West Yorkshire.

Kirklees council called the discovery "concerning" but said its data had not been compromised.

Privileged access

For 99p Mr Mason bought what is known as a virtual private network (VPN) server made by the firm Cisco Systems that automates all the steps needed to get remote access to a network.

Many staff working overseas or off-site use a VPN to connect back to corporate systems.

On powering it his new hardware Mr Mason expected that the device would need network settings to be input but, without prompting, it connected to the last place it was used.

Subsequent investigation found that the internet, or IP, address to which it connected was owned by Cap Gemini, in a range of addresses allocated to Kirklees Council.

"It is like having a long ethernet cable from the Council office to anywhere where I connected the device," said Mr Mason.

A connection such as this allows privileged access to networks. In the wrong hands, such as criminally-minded hackers, it would allow them to conduct reconnaissance and find out if the network had any vulnerabilities worth exploiting.

USB stick, SPL

High profile cases have underlined the dangers of losing data

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Intel seeks wireless unification

Video being shot on mobile, Getty
Mobile networks are being outstripped by fixed lines

The two competing 4G wireless systems, Wimax and Long Term Evolution (LTE), should be united, according to Intel.

Intel is the biggest supporter of Wimax, which offers high-speed, long-range wireless connections designed for the mobile net.

"In our view they ought to be harmonised," said Sean Maloney, head of sales and marketing at Intel.

LTE is a technology based on existing mobile networks and has broad support from many mobile bodies.

Fast start

Mr Maloney's comments are likely to be welcomed by the mobile industry, which fears the impact two rival standards could have on the market.

Earlier this year, Vodafone chief executive Arun Sarin said he believed the two standards could be brought together.

LTE supporters

LG Electronics

China Mobile

Telecom Italia


LTE is proving popular with handset manufacturers and mobile carriers because it is seen as an evolution to existing 3G networks.

By contrast, Wimax has won favour in the computer industry because its roots lie with wi-fi.

Both technologies have supporters who are in the two camps.

For instance Vodafone is currently trialling Wimax in Greece and Malta and its US subsidiary Verizon is trying out LTE.

The two systems are non-line of sight, and offer "optimal" broadband performance in a cell network between three and five kilometres in size.

LTE is also expected to offer higher speeds than Wimax, peaking at 100 Mbps download and 50 Mbps uploads.

Mr Maloney said the two technologies were "broadly similar... about 80% similar".

"The main difference is that Wimax is a couple of years ahead," he said.

Motorola has already said that 85% of the work and technology for Wimax equipment will be re-used in its designs for LTE equipment.

Mr Maloney said that customers would be "confused" by two competing 4G technologies.

Nokia N810 wimax edition, Nokia
>Nokia is backing both the Wimax and LTE technologies

"We would much prefer to see over a period of time that it looked to a global consumer that simply high-speed bandwidth was available."

He said Intel was "actively looking" at harmonisation.

"LTE is still a little way away; as it starts to show up we will be looking to see how we can harmonise with it," he added.

It was technically possible that the chipset Intel is introducing later this year to cover wi-fi and Wimax, could also be used for LTE, he said.

"We don't have any plans to do that yet," added Mr Maloney. "It would certainly be a nice long term goal."

Falling behind

Ben Wood, head of research at CCS Insight, said harmonisation was a laudable goal.

"We cannot keep having this situation where different parts of the world have different technologies," he said.

"Wide area broadband networks are critical," said Mr Wood. "We know there's an insatiable appetite for those speeds."

While data speeds on mobile networks were accelerating there was a danger they could fall behind again, said Mr Wood.

"The gap will open up again with fixed line networks," he said, "though some of that can be made up with HSDPA and HSUPA."

LTE is not expected to reach mass adoption until 2012 while the first Wimax networks have already been rolled out in the US and Japan.

Paul Otellini, chief executive of Intel, said 10 million people would be using Wimax by the end of 2008, rising to "hundreds of millions two years after that".

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Korg has a tiny USB Keyboard

Korg has a tiny USB KeyboardI guess to Korg size doesn’t matter, since they’re flaunting their tiny USB keyboards. It’s Korg’s new line of nanoSeries USB keyboards, that measure just 320mm across, and are super slim too. The line consists of a tiny keyboard, synth pad and fader deck. All of the drum pads apparently perform just fine despite their size, though the faders seam cheap. Still, it’s perfect for the musician with tiny hands. The nanoKey will cost you about $90, while the nanoKontrol and nanoPad are both $109.

Pioneer drops 5 New GPS navigation systems

Pioneer drops 5 New GPS navigation systemsPioneer intros not one, not two, but four new GPS navigation devices at once. Collectively they are the HRZ099, HRZ088, HRV022, and HRV011. They all share the same specifications including a 40GB storage capacity, 1Seg TV, 7-Inch LCD Screen and they can play WMA, MP3, AAC, and DivX file formats. As you might expect, hey are also compatible with iPods.

The Pioneer HRZ099 is the High-End model of the litter, equipped with a 800 x 480 resolution. The others are 480×234. The Pioneer HRZ099 and HRZ088 also feature a built-in Amplifier with a maximum output of 50W x 4ch. Aside from these 7-Inch GPS devices, the company also introduced a 5.8-Inch GPS which sports 8GB of Flash Memory, a built-in amplifier (50w x4), 1Seg TV tuner, an SD card slot and USB Port. It can also reproduce DVD/WMA/MP3/DivX/WAV/MPEG-4 files.

Senin, 29 September 2008

Warning sounded on web's future

Giant magnet at Cern, AFP/Getty
Some feared firing up the LHC would doom the Earth

The internet needs a way to help people separate rumour from real science, says the creator of the World Wide Web.

Talking to BBC News Sir Tim Berners-Lee said he was increasingly worried about the way the web has been used to spread disinformation.

Sir Tim spoke prior to the unveiling of a Foundation he has co-created that aims to make the web truly worldwide.

It will look at ways to get the web into mobiles and into nations where net use is languishing.

Future proof

Sir Tim talked to the BBC in the week in which Cern, where he did his pioneering work on the web, turned on the Large Hadron Collider for the first time.

The use of the web to spread fears that flicking the switch on the LHC could create a Black Hole that could swallow up the Earth particularly concerned him, he said. In a similar vein was the spread of rumours that the MMR vaccine given to children in Britain was harmful.

Sir Tim told BBC News that there needed to be new systems that would give websites a label for trustworthiness once they had been proved reliable sources.

"On the web the thinking of cults can spread very rapidly and suddenly a cult which was 12 people who had some deep personal issues suddenly find a formula which is very believable," he said. "A sort of conspiracy theory of sorts and which you can imagine spreading to thousands of people and being deeply damaging."

Sir Tim and colleagues at the World Wide Web consortium had looked at simple ways of branding websites - but concluded that a whole variety of different mechanisms was needed.

Tim Berners-Lee (AFP/Getty)

Sir Tim wants to help get the web to people who are cut off from it.

"I'm not a fan of giving a website a simple number like an IQ rating because like people they can vary in all kinds of different ways," he said. "So I'd be interested in different organisations labelling websites in different ways".

Sir Tim spoke to the BBC to publicise the launch of his World Wide Web Foundation which aims to improve the web's accessibility.

Alongside this role it will aim to make it easier for people to get online. Currently only 20% of the world's population have access to the web

"Has it been designed by the West for the West?" asked Sir Tim.

"Has it been designed for the executive and the teenager in the modern city with a smart phone in their pocket? If you are in a rural community do you need a different kind of web with different kinds of facilities?"

Creative medium

The Web Foundation will also explore ways to make the web more mobile-phone friendly. That would increase its use in Africa and other poor parts of the world where there are few computers but plenty of handsets.

The Foundation will also look at how the benefits of the web can be taken to those who cannot read or write.

"We're talking about the evolution of the web," he said. "Perhaps by using gestures or pointing. When something is such a creative medium as the web, the limits to it are our imagination".

The Foundation will also look at concerns that the web has become less democratic, and its use influenced too much by large corporations and vested interests.

"I think that question is very important and may be settled in the next few years," said Sir Tim.

"One of the things I always remain concerned about is that that medium remains neutral," he said.

"It's not just where I go to decide where to buy my shoes which is the commercial incentive - it's where I go to decide who I'm going to trust to vote," he said.

"It's where I go maybe to decide what sort of religion I'm going to belong to or not belong to; it's where I go to decide what is actual scientific truth - what I'm actually going to go along with and what is bunkum".

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7613201.stmview all

Samsung Haptic 2 mobile phone

Samsung Haptic 2 mobile phoneThe Samsung Haptic 2 mobile phone is currently available in 4GB and 16GB flavors. The mobile phone features a 3.2-Inch LCD touch screen, DMB, e-dictionary, Bluetooth, and 5MP camera. The handset also comes with a new User Interface that lets users create their own vibration mode to be used for either good or evil, and create various personal screen designs with 50 icons. The Samsung Haptic 2 is priced between €480 and €550.

Speaker Buddies are creepy children

Speaker Buddies are creepy childrenWhoever it was that said that children should be seen and not heard probably didn’t own any Speaker Buddies. These creepy kids are seen and heard. And for some reason they look like Kenny from Southpark. It’s British designer Alex Underwood’s idea for turnig your hi-fi into some sort of creepy ode to Kenneth, he who dies alot. There they sit in ominous judgment of all who enter your home, blasting sound out of their hood. Thankfully they remain a concept at the moment, but that could change.

Nintendo launching new DS with camera, music player and more

Nintendo to launch new DS with camera and music playerNintendo has plans to launch a new version of the popular Nintendo DS handheld game console by the end of this year, and it sounds like they are doing more than just adding new colors this time. The new model, yet to be named, will feature a camera and music player, putting itself in competition with a larger number of portable devices and opening up a whole mess of new game possibilities.

This news does not come straight from Nintendo, or at least not yet. It does however come from the Sunday edition of The Nikkei Business Daily, which is a well renowned newspaper in Japan. The new DS from Nintendo is expected to cost around $190 in Japan compared to the $158 price tag on the current DS. The DS goes for $129 currently in the United States.

Thrustmaster Wii Glow Saber, Dual Trigger Gun accessories

Thrustmaster Wii Glow Saber, Dual Trigger Gun accessoriesThrustmaster is getting in on the fake lightsaber game too with these Glow Sabers, which may arguably be the best take on the Wii lightsaber yet with their attention to detail. They actually resemble Jedi instruments of death.

The red and blue dueling Glow Sabers each have 17 LEDs and the Dual Trigger Gun comes complete with a Nunchuck holster. The Glow Saber 2-pack can be had right about now for $34.99, while the Dual Trigger Gun will be available shortly for $17.99. Pretty sweet deal.

Porsche Design cellphone not as cool as the car

alt='Porsche Design cellphone not as cool as the car' />Porsche is a name associated with two things, style and speed. The new P’9522 arguably has plenty of style (though I don’t see it), but it sports a Wi-Fi web connection instead of a 3G network.

With your powered down connection you’ll also get a 5 Megapixel camera, touch screen, and built in GPS. Apparently forged from a single block of brushed aluminum and a glass plate, this one is for the rich set. People who won’t care about speed as much as making impressions. It ships in November and looks like it will sell for aout $875.

EPOS-lite: Touch interface cash register and built-in menu

EPOS-lite: Touch interface cash register and built-in menuEPOS-lite is a cash register with a touch interface that also has a built-in menu. It was showcased at the University of Wolverhampton degree show 08 and at New Designers 08, London. It’s good for the environment because it eliminates the need for a separate menu that holds the pricing details. Not only that, but it makes it easy to update the menu.

It’s light, it’s convenient, it’s on every table. This is the sort of innovation that makes life easier. It’s the little things after all. The concept device also features a wireless charging option for on-table recharging. Designer Stephen Allport knows what he’s doing and he obviously has an eye for what is needed to make life easier on both sides of the table. Awesome concept and we’d love to see this one in the future.

Sony Ericsson’s eco-friendly mobile phone concept

Sony Ericsson’s eco-friendly mobile phone conceptHere’s Sony Ericsson’s GreenHeart concept. The handset was made using bio-plastic casing and keypads that can be easily recycled. The GreenHeart even comes bundled with a new charger that is smart enough to turn itself off when the phone is fully recharged. Environmental concerns even extend to the user’s manual which is entirely HTML-based to save paper, thereby saving trees. Add in environmentally conscious packaging, and some hippies might let go of the tree they’re hugging in order to get one. The Sony Ericsson GreenHeart is only a concept, but it shows a new greener direction.

Sanho intros HyperDrive COLORSPACE UDMA to backup photos

Sanho intros HyperDrive COLORSPACE UDMA to backup photosYou now have a new option when backing up your photos. Sanho’s HyperDrive COLORSPACE UDMA photo backup unit. It can go through 2GB of data per minute and is also “the only storage device in the market that can decode and display true RAW images from any camera on its 3.2-inch (QVGA) color LCD screen.”

It will also adjust images automatically if you change the way you are holding it. The included data synchronization lets the drive to sync information with another external HDD or your computer. If that isn’t enough for you, it’s compatible with 14 different types of memory cards. Sounds like it should meet all your photo editing needs. It should be available next month between $339 for 80GB and $599 for 500GB.

Goldstriker's 24karat and 18karat iPods: For those with golden parachutes

Goldstriker’s 24karat and 18karat iPods: For those with golden parachutesIn this economy it takes a special kind of douche to buy all kinds of gold covered gadgets and then proclaim himself the new Goldfinger. That’s right, now that your golden parachute has landed you safely in your mansion where the villagers can’t burn you with their torches it’s time to lose yourself in some quiet music and dream up another scam.

Good thing the new iPod Touch and 4th gen Nano come in 24ct and 18ct white gold now. The Nano starts at £349 while the second generation Touch starts at £449. Now where did that diamond studded USB drive get to? Ah, of course. It’s on your Swarovski encrusted crapper next to your blinged out TP holder.

3M Mobile ID Reader makes security checks quicker

3M Mobile ID Reader makes security checks quickerThis new 3M Mobile ID Reader could soon be used at events or in situations that require tight security. The idea is that it would scan your identification quickly to prove that you are who you say you are. Then you can be on your way in no time. It works like a credit card scanner and it would be used to scan things like your Visa card or passport, cross checking that info with watch lists of those who are threats.

It runs on Windows Mobile 6 and features WiFi, GSM/GPRS EDGE and a fingerprint sensor. It also has 8GB of storage for keeping track of those that have been scanned. That way they can leave all of that data sitting around somewhere and screw us all. Let’s hope not.

OPHCrack LiveCD v2.0.1

OPHCrack LiveCD v2.0.1 | 548.23 Mb

Ophcrack is a free Windows password cracker based on rainbow tables. It is a very efficient implementation of rainbow tables done by the inventors of the method. It comes with a Graphical User Interface and runs on multiple platforms.

» Runs on Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, ...
» Cracks LM and NTLM hashes.
» Free tables available for Windows XP and Vista.
» Brute-force module for simple passwords.
» LiveCD available to simplify the cracking.
» Loads hashes from encrypted SAM recovered from a Windows partition, Vista included.

More Information
Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part4 | Part5
Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part4 | Part5
Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part4 | Part5

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Data Rescue II v1.2.1 Bootable DVD MAC OSX

Data Rescue II v1.2.1 Bootable DVD MAC OSX

Do you have a corrupt hard drive or one that no longer mounts? Are other tools failing to even recognize your bad drive? Do you need to recover files that have been deleted? Data Rescue II is the best digital data recovery software on the market for recovering files from a problem hard drive or that have been previously deleted. Data Rescue II works when other tools fail. Data Rescue II is also completely safe to use since it does not attempt any risky repairs to the drive it's scanning. This is the safest, most powerful software to recover your hard drive. Data Rescue II is the same software used by many data recovery services!

Total Size | 500 MB
More Information

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ZIP Recovery Toolbox v1.0.8.37

Repair damaged ZIP files. ZIP Recovery Toolbox is used to recover data from corrupted ZIP files. The program recovers files from ZIP archives and minimizes data loss during recovery.

Repair damaged ZIP files. ZIP Recovery Toolbox is used to recover data from corrupted ZIP files. The program recovers files from ZIP archives and minimizes data loss during recovery. The ZIP file recovery tool scans the entire corrupted archive and saves maximum information from the unreadable ZIP file. The program uses several algorithms and methods for recovering data from unreadable ZIP files. The full scan of a ZIP file and several recovery algorithms allow the program to minimize data loss while recovering data from bad ZIP files. Besides, the program checks the integrity of recovered data. The user sees maximum information about the data being recovered from corrupted ZIP archives.

Its convenient and clear interface makes the data recovery process comfortable and clear for users. The tool recovers password-protected files (it is necessary to enter the password to the ZIP file for correct data recovery).

Program features:
* Repair encrypted data from ZIP archives.
* Repair self-extracting (SFX) files.
* Repair ZIP files larger than 2 GB.
* Restore ZIP files from damaged media (floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, Zip drives, etc.).
* Check file integrity.
* Repair corrupted ZIP archives on the local area network.
* Fix the error Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive in ZIP archives

Size | 1.2 MB
More Information | Mirror | Mirror |

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NOKIA Mobile Phone : Why the future is in your hands

GPS=enabled handset- Lluis Gene (AFP/Getty)

GPS is starting to appear on more handsets

Sales of smartphones are expected to overtake those of laptops in the next 12 to 18 months as the mobile phone completes its transition from voice communications device to multimedia computer.

Convergence has been the Holy Grail for mobile phone makers, software and hardware partners, as well as consumers, for more than a decade.

And for the first time the rhetoric of companies like Nokia, Samsung and Motorola, who have boasted of putting a multimedia computer in your pocket, no longer seems far fetched.

"Converged devices are always with you and always connected," said Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Nokia chief executive at last week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Last year Nokia sold almost 200m camera phones and about 146m music phones, making it the world's biggest seller of digital cameras and MP3 players.

In the coming year the firm predicts it will sell 35 million GPS-enabled phones as personal navigation becomes the latest feature to be assimilated into the mobile phone.

Form and function

Nigel Clifford, chief executive of Symbian, said: "All of those single use devices - MP3 players, digital camera, GPS - are collapsing onto the phone."

"We are going past the point where this was a phone with a few other things," he said.

Symbian's operating system shipped on 188 million phones last year and a third of those came with GPS.

"We see mobile phones evolving into multi-functional devices that now support consumer electronics, multimedia entertainment and mobile professional enterprise applications; all converging," said Luis Pineda, from mobile phone chip firm Qualcomm.

Man taking photo with phone, Roslan Rahman AFP/Getty
More and more people are snapping shots with a handset

Convergence is being driven by a combination of software, services and hardware.

The first phones powered by a chip running at 1Ghz will hit the market later this year, seven years after the first desktop chip broke the gigahertz barrier.

Qualcomm's 1Ghz Snapdragon chipset will debut inside a number of handsets, including some from Samsung and HTC

"It's a first in the industry for a wireless chipset," said Mr Pineda.

As well as raw horsepower Snapdragon also features a dedicated application processor, as well as the ability to handle 12 megapixel digital photos and up to 720p high definition video imaging.

Mr Clifford from Symbian said the mobile industry had to deliver multi-function devices which did not compromise.

He said: "When we look at what is collapsing on to these devices and people's expectations with their experiences on single-use specialized devices there is going to be rising expectations."

Chip shop

More than 90% of the world's mobile phones are powered by technology created by British firm Arm. It designs chip architectures that it licenses to semiconductors makers such as Qualcomm and Broadcom.

Ian Drew from Arm said future mobile phones demanded ever more processing power.

But building chips with greater processing was not a straightforward, he said.

The future of the internet and computing applications is not going to be in the home or at the office; it's going to be mobile
"If you look at a typical phone the first thing you have got to do is get within the half a watt envelope.

"It needs to get into your pocket. And there's no fan. It needs to work for days rather than hours."

He added: "When you start adding multi media experiences - such as 3D graphics, video, and games - there are two ways to do that: you can get bigger and bigger processors or you have multi core where you can switch off a processor when you don't need it."

Arm is demonstrating a chip architecture, called Coretex A9, that will offer four cores, or processors, on a single chip.

Symbian has been working with Arm on future uses for multi-core mobile phones.

"You can use massive amounts of processing if you need it. But if you don't you can power down the cores that aren't required," said Mr Clifford.

Symmetrical Multi Processing will drive the next generation of applications on a phone, he added.

"Silicon vendors are looking very seriously at how they integrate SMP."

Mr Clifford added: "The future of the internet and computing applications is not going to be in the home or at the office; it's going to be mobile."

Quake III screenshot, Activision
The gaming abilities of handsets are rapidly improving

He said gaming would be the next feature to collapse into phones.

"That is one of the next single usage devices that will start feeling the pressure from the mobile device," he said.

3D graphics acceleration is becoming standard on many of today's mobile phones and specialists like Nvidia have joined the market.

Mr Clifford said today's most powerful mobile phones, such as Nokia's N96 and NTTDoCoMo's 905 series have the same power as a laptop from 2000.

Nvidia's APX 2500 chip has enough 3D graphics acceleration to handle Quake 3, a PC game from 1999, on a mobile phone.

Handset owners were also beginning to expect the same online experience they have on their desktop PCs on their mobile phones.

"Web 2.0, social networking and video sharing; that's a real driver of horsepower," said Mr Drew from Arm.

He added: "But you need to be able to get data in. The next generation of mobile phones need high performance radios - they will have high data rates that will enable this content to be streamed to you."

Symbian is working on technology called Freeway to give phones the ability to move seamlessly between wireless networks, like wi-fi and cell networks like 3G and 4G.

"We don't want people to feel the mobile web is a second class experience."

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Minggu, 28 September 2008

Games less virtual, more reality

flight path
The virtual obstacle course of Sky Challenge

While most massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) are based on fantasy worlds, there is a growing trend for a new kind of game that merges the real world with the virtual.

Rather than taking on the persona of a mythical character who goes on quests, players of this new breed of game compete against one another in real sports, based in the real world.

At first glance, these games resemble racing simulations, but - with unparalleled realism and the ability to race against a large number of people, including professionals - they represent a cut above the rest.

iRacing is an internet-based auto racing simulation system in which drivers can race against dozens of other online participants on race tracks modelled on the real thing. This is the latest offering from Dave Kaemmer, who is responsible for other racing simulation video game titles including NASCAR Racing.

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